Governor Abbott appointed Justice Jason Boatright to the court of appeals. Justices on the court write legal opinions. Justice Boatright wrote official Texas legal opinions for many years before he joined the court. Justice Boatright always bases his legal opinions on the text of the law, never on politics or personal feelings. Outside the court, Justice Boatright is a published authority on the history and meaning of Texas law and the constitution. Not only that, his wife is a successful businesswoman and his daughter is an 8th generation Texan. Justice Boatright is a true Texas constitutional conservative.


  • Ideally Qualified - Justice Boatright serves on the court of appeals, where he researches the law, writes legal opinions, and gives guidance to staff attorneys. Justice Boatright learned how to do those things long before he began serving on the court. He researched and wrote attorney general opinions, which are official legal opinions authorized by the Texas constitution. He also supervised staff attorneys who wrote attorney general opinions. When district attorneys wanted to know what the law meant, Justice Boatright would research, write, and approve legal opinions explaining the answer. He has also worked on things that just about every lawyer does, like appellate, trial, and administrative law matters, but those experiences are different from what a justice on the court of appeals actually does. Because Justice Boatright spent many years researching and writing official Texas legal opinions, he has been good at his job on the court of appeals from day one.
  • Constitutional Conservative - Justice Boatright allows the legislative and executive branches to perform their constitutional roles. He does not replace the words of the law and constitution with his personal preferences. No matter who the parties are, no matter what anybody else might think, he just follows the text of relevant law, and he has a long public record to prove it.
  • Justice Jason Boatright and family
  • Justice Jason Boatright and family
  • Trusted – Justice Boatright was appointed to the court of appeals by Governor Greg Abbott, who was a Texas Supreme Court Justice and the Texas Attorney General. Governor Abbott knows that Justice Boatright is a great conservative Texas appeals court justice who bases his rulings only on the meaning of the words in applicable law.
  • “Justice Jason Boatright is a true Texas Constitutional Conservative who understands that the role of the judicial branch is to apply the law, not re-write it. He has continually upheld his responsibility to the Texas Constitution and as a lifelong Republican has fought for the family values and principles Texans hold dear. Justice Boatright is supremely qualified to continue serving as a justice on the court of appeals, and I fully endorse his election.”
    - Governor Greg Abbott
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  • Justice Jason Boatright and family
  • Family Man – Justice Boatright has the happiest toddler and the most accomplished wife around. He and his family are members of St. Michael's Church in Dallas. Justice Boatright loves helping raise his family in Dallas, but sometimes he and his dog do have to go hunting or climb mountains for a few days.
  • Conservative Republican – Justice Boatright is a constitutional conservative. Every day, he works to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution and laws of Texas and the United States. He treats everyone in court equally, fairly, and respectfully.
  • Real Texan – Justice Boatright's family has lived in Texas since long before it was part of the United States. He has published research on the original meaning and sources of Texas law from Spanish times through today. Justice Boatright is a proud Texan, and he is privileged to serve the people of North Texas as a justice on the court of appeals. Justice Boatright is a true Texas constitutional conservative!

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